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The Power of Self Belief

It’s all about visualizing your goals...

The lion is not as smart as a dog nor as fast as a cheetah. It’s not as tall as a giraffe nor as strong as a buffalo. Yet the lion is the king of the jungle. Why? Because the lion acts like the king of the jungle. When it sees an elephant, it sees lunch. When an elephant sees a lion, it sees a predator.

The lion has self-belief.

The same occurs with people. When we look at a goal we want to achieve, it’s all about perception. Everything we see, hear or experience in any way is our own reality.

Two people may go on a trip together, yet return with a different story.

What you sow in your mind is what you will reap: Everything starts with your own thoughts and the habits you develop; what you think is who you will become.

In other words, believe firmly that you will succeed, and you will bring success upon yourself.

This is the origin of self-belief.

Let’s have a look at three elements of self-belief:

1. Know where you are from

After I learned I was adopted, I felt that I’d been abandoned and rejected by my biological parents. I believed I wasn’t worthy of love and felt completely worthless.

So often, I would’ve loved to be able to escape my own head to not have these thoughts. For many years I felt trapped in the prison cell of my own mind. Hence, I created a belief system that gave me a choice: What if I believed I could do anything and succeed at it? What if those obstacles, challenges and setbacks provided me with an opportunity to determine who I really was?

When you feel abandoned and rejected you have a choice about how to respond. You can become either a victim of your circumstances or the master of your own destiny.

The choices that we make determine the quality of our lives. Fear of rejection and abandonment drove me to where I am today, and I didn’t allow setbacks to define me.

2. Know where you are heading by clarifying your vision

If you start visualizing your goals as a success, then you’ll be able to find clarity.

In life and work, success begins with goals. Big or small, a goal gives us purpose, the same way a compass keeps us heading in the right direction. Before we can establish a goal, we must have a clear vision of what it looks like. In other words, we must see it before we can believe it.

Once you’ve established a goal, write it down. Science has proven that you are 39% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down and if you share with others, as these measures make you accountable for achieving it.

With a clear goal in mind, you can easily picture your desired outcome. Keep visualising your goal until you can feel it in your veins. You can achieve anything with self-belief.

3. Believe you’re worthy

Despite the trials and tribulations we experience in life, there comes a time when we need to accept ourselves. So, let’s not waste precious energy focusing and comparing ourselves with other peoples’ lives. There will always be someone who has a bigger house, drives a fancier car or has a better job.

In order to break this circle, remember that you are your own unique person, and you have qualities and strengths that no one else has. Focusing on your strengths and what makes you unique will go a long way. Use affirmations to remind yourself that you are unlike anyone else and worthy of love. The more you tell yourself you are worthy, the more you’ll believe it.


Self-belief will revive your soul and lift your spirit. Be ready to embrace life with more certainty: the bee has been created to make honey and has no other choice. But you have the choice to do whatever you wish to achieve, so don’t let anyone steal your ambition or prevent you from realising what is dearest to you.

As the lion is identified as the king of the jungle, so can you identify yourself as the king (or queen) of your own destiny. Embrace your greatness. Do not settle for mediocrity.

It is your time to conquer!

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