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Sowing the seeds of resilience

Have you ever felt like a seed?

If you think about it when a seed is planted, it first grows roots, it faces pressures, challenges and setbacks whilst in the ground.

Some seeds have an even harder time as they fall in rocky places and need to fight to come out. But once out, a small plant begins to emerge, breakthrough, and eventually grow upwards against the force of the solid soil to an awesome huge tree.

We too are like seeds.

Like a young child taking his first step, stumbling over but soon gets back up and tries again; the seed of resilience has already been planted.

The seed seeks the light of the sun to grow – We, strive to find the path that lights our way and enable us to grow.

A seed needs to seek nourishment from the soil and the water but is weary from flood, drought and weeds that will try to take away its sustenance and sap its energy.

What about us, what do we need to get protected from?

Just like the seed that requires protection from the storm, we must also protect ourselves from the effects of negative thoughts or words of those who do not believe in us.

Like a little bird breaking out of its shell, we try to protect ourselves from the challenges and curve balls that life throws at us. By helping each other out in times of calamity and disaster we are constantly challenged to grow and become more than what we ever were before.

This is where resilience and determination come in, and just like seeds, we can choose to accept that the ground is hard and we need to fight to emerge on the other side.

It is a slow but sure process.

Be resilient like a seed!

If we keep pushing against all odds, we will always reach our goal. No doubt.

Regardless of background, adversities or setbacks no matter how tough it may seem at times if we truly believe we can get to the other side we will.

To keep growing we need to keep nourishing those seeds because once they emerge they will blossom to become amazing creations just like us.

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