About Leela

My name is Leela, I am a UK based Multilingual Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, and Transformational Coach.


After surviving an Arctic expedition, my whole outlook on life completely changed. From that moment on, my mindset was transformed, I overcame several of my fears and I began to believe in myself all over again. 


I left my corporate career in order to fulfil my vision of inspiring and empowering others.


This soul-searching journey led me to develop my own motivational speaking career which brings me to where I am today. I believe that we are all unstoppable and if we set our mind to it we can achieve anything in life.


In April 2015, Leela was a member of an all-female team who undertook a 100-kilometre ski-trek across Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle in temperatures down to -42 C and with winds of up to 80 KM per hour, sleeping in tents on the ice with emergency help over 24hrs away. 

The expedition was part of an initiative to challenge how people think about diversity and inclusion.


The expedition proved just what can be achieved when you challenge your self - belief.

The Selection Process
The Full Story

This journey has been the adventure of a lifetime. It was the hardest of challenges but also the most rewarding.
This truly shows that through hard work, determination and a dash of bravery you can achieve anything. 

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