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About Leela

In April 2015, Leela Bassi was a member of an all-female team who undertook a 100-kilometer ski trek across Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle in temperatures down to -43 C and with winds of up to 80 KM per hour, sleeping in tents on the ice with emergency help over 24hrs away. 

The expedition was part of an initiative to challenge how people think about diversity and inclusion and proved just what can be achieved when you challenge your self-belief. 

Leela chose to do the expedition because she feels that “as women, we constantly have to evolve who we are. Our personal and professional job titles are constantly changing: What am I? A wife, a mum, a cook, a housekeeper, an entrepreneur?”

How do we find that balance and adapt, without feeling we are either one or the other? That was the whole point about the Arctic – proving to herself that she could actually defy the status quo; step outside of her comfort zone, battled her own demons, and discover who she truly was.

After surviving the Arctic expedition, her whole outlook on life completely changed. She founded the organization Above & Beyond Resilience, then became a speaker on the topic of overcoming adversity which encompasses areas such as Beyond Resilience, Turning Failures into Opportunities, Growth Mindset, and Diversity & Inclusion.

She's now been booked by leading organizations such as  BT, Sky, Ocado, Microsoft, The Body Shop, Roche Pharmaceutical, and many more to inspire their leaders and their teams to overcome adversity and go above and beyond.

Who is Leela Bassi? 

Worldwide Trilingual Speaker.

Overcoming Adversity & Inclusive Leadership Expert.

Leela Bassi is a distinguished “Beyond Resilience” thought leader, a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, and a Keynote Speaker who presents in English, French & Italian.

What is Leela known for?  

Leela is driven to inspire business leaders and individuals to adopt the principle that “overcoming adversity” is a key focus for every company as it will benefit both their employees and business. Known for her determination, drive and focus, Leela displays how digging deeper takes us further regardless of our background, expertise, or social style.

 Leela's Biography 


"Leela inspirationally addresses how life's challenges are won and lost in our minds, by providing a genius set of mental tools that can be applied immediately.

She will holistically change the way you think forever!"


“A truly thought provoking and engaging talk that certainly aroused interest in those attending and got people talking how they as an individual deal with difficult situations.
Leela is an amazing person with an inspirational story. She lives by example and proves out that striving and determination can overcome significant obstacles."

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"Leela is a very passionate, inspiring, honest & approachable person. She values the quality of life and goes above the extra mile to help others through her incredible continuous mentoring, guidance, direction and motivation. I would highly recommend Leela, her motivational talks and 1-2-1 coaching sessions have been a life-changing experience for me."

The Full Story

This journey has been the adventure of a lifetime. It was the hardest of challenges but also the most rewarding.
This truly shows that through hard work, determination and a dash of bravery you can achieve anything. 

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