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 Speeches &  Workshops 

Most requested Speaking Topics


  • Unlocking your Growth Mindset - Are you ready? 

  • Failures, are they the pillars of success?

  • "Unbreakable" - how to cultivate Resilience?

  • Bias? who me?   

Over the years, Leela has spoken to worldwide leading organizations such as Yves St Laurent, Gucci, La Bottega Veneta, Alexander Mc Queen, BT, Ocado, Microsoft, The Body Shop, Roche Pharmaceutical, and many more. She continues to inspire their leaders and their teams to overcome adversity and go "Above and Beyond"




Organizations who want to enable their teams and individuals to develop a growth mindset with tangible tools that they can apply in their day-to-day life:

foster talent, and earn real results whilst building a nurturing environment where staff is encouraged to innovate and learn through trial and error but unable to achieve their goals.

What would the audience take away?

The audience will feel inspired to reconnect with their passion, vision and life’s purpose as well as approach a Growth mindset with a key to transformation, engagement, and innovation to do things differently.




Firms who can accept that there is no real success without some degree of failure.
Research has shown that creating an organizational
culture that enables leaders to show vulnerability and opens up individuals’ willingness to learn from mistakes is an important backdrop for psychological safety. This will boost employee morale, foster new levels of creativity in the workplace and help build compassion, character & resilience. 

What would the audience take away?

Although failure can be painful and seen as detrimental to success Leela demonstrates how the audience can think differently about their past failures and unlock great potential whilst being a normal part of the innovation of their own lives.




Any individual or team who is looking to increase their mental toughness and needs to be equipped with tools and coping mechanisms to enable them to function well in the face of adversity. Creating a range of options will firstly help them to become more flexible and adaptable and secondly prevent that fight, flight, freeze or fawn response

What would the audience take away?

Leela supplies her participants with lifetime instruments that will immediately increase their mental toughness and make them think further on how to gain an in-depth insight into their resilience profiles.




Any organization that is looking to put into place techniques and inclusion tools in the workplace that will educate how to spot an unconscious reaction and take appropriate action in what we think, say or do

What would the audience take away?

Equipped with tools that would change their way of watching, thinking and doing all at once,  the audience would come away feeling stronger and more confident to go back to their daily habits.

Recent Workshops

•    Understanding, managing, and benefitting from having a Growth Mindset - A Transformational Leadership
•    Turning Failures into opportunities to maximise Well-being & Success - Tenacity to prevail & excel through adversity
•    Accept, Reflect & Think beyond your situation - Adapting through life’s obstacles. Where will your resilience take you ? 
•    Watch, think & act consciously - Unconscious Bias in Decision Making 

Leela has trained top-level executives throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Asia & Middle East and has equipped the leadership teams both locally and cross-culturally, with strategic solutions to the practical challenges leaders face in implementing change

Her journey has been extremely beneficial and rewarding; her mentoring skills have led numerous individuals as well as large groups to nurture themselves, gain confidence & growth as well as develop their communication skills and overcome their fears. 

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