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The Joy of simple experiences

As we go through everyday life, most of us enjoy simple experiences, even if succinct they bring us a moment of happiness: like lighting the fire after a walk in the forest or talking to a good friend you have not seen for a while. But do you actually take notice of these experiences and highlight them in your mind or do you just let them pass by and move on to the next thing?

In the past three years I have been looking at basic activities that make me happy: going for a run with my 11-year-old, spending quality time with my 8-year-old, or speaking about grit and passion to my friends and colleagues.

This brings a big smile on my face and makes me grateful.

This past year, I have been focusing on finding the positive in negative situations, (which isn’t always easy I know!) but if you choose the ‘ right attitude’ there is always something good to look forward to.

In my opinion, finding the good in hard times only becomes a little easier with resilience and determination. Despite any situation we are in; a smile, eye contact or a simple thank you, could see through the kindness of others and help them through their hardship.

However, besides simply noticing enjoyable feelings, or sensations such as getting some exercise to get your frustration out, you could think of it as building grit during a run and learning to be comfortable in an uncomfortable state. Almost like racing against yourself but in your own mind.

The same occurs when you cook food, you could do it for the sake of having to eat, or you could become more confident by using different spices & exploring unknown flavours.

Food is one of the fundamental things that assembles excitement in you, so why not get more confident in trying something new?

Same approach when we have a conversation with a friend, a parent or a spouse, rather than the usual moan that will release us for a brief moment and lead us back to the ‘same old same old’ we could make it more meaningful by listening carefully to this person, express our own thoughts and feelings and build intimacy.

Although these little tips might sound straightforward, they will bring us true moments of happiness by lengthening it, even if it is for an extra five, ten, or more seconds the longer our neurones fire together, the more they tend to wire together so why not highlight them in our mind and enjoy those moments for longer?

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