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Keynote Speaker

Leela is able to present in English, French, and Italian; popular for conferences, events, webinars and virtual presentations who has the power to change minds and win hearts
Known for her determination and focus, Leela teaches how to build a resilient mind and overcome adversity through her own tools. 
She describes how to combat fear of failure and why hunger is always your most valuable asset regardless of your organisation or industry. 

How Leela Works

To help you to make your event as successful as possible, whether it is face to face or virtually Leela will be happy to work with you according to your needs.

For example:

  • Have one or more pre-booking call

  • Speak to several of your leaders

  • Provide information in advance

  • Speak with or without notes

  • Deliver the speech in English, French or Italian

  • Tailor the speech for your duration

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