Keynote Speaker

Leela provides tools that enable the audience to stay motivated and determined as well as to come away with efficient mental toughness which will change their lives immediately.


Known for her resilience and focus, she describes how to combat fear of failure and energise the team, and why hunger is always your most valuable asset regardless of your organisation or industry.

The Tenacious Approach

In this enriching presentation, Leela will enable you to learn how to stay motivated and determined when employees often struggle to find energy, but also to mobilize your effort for high quality performance in the working environment.

How to overcome challenges such as organisational change and upheaval, impending staff cutbacks, looming deadlines, argumentative meetings and incessant competition from business rivals.


This engaging keynote is designed to challenge you to think differently and take action!

Why do some people consistently achieve?



1. How to Increase Self Determination & engage with vigor

2. How to ignite your motivation when dealing with heavy workload

3. The Power of self Beliefs 

4. Tenacity to prevail and excel through adversity

5. Essential tips for high quality performance and morale


Popular with: Annual Employee Conferences, Sales/Account Management Meetings.

The Power of Resilience

For your team to dig within themselves to find their inner strength to stay “on top of the game” when they are most likely to give up in the face of hardship.

Using her personal journey & the strategies she has adopted to keep going, Leela explores the challenge of overcoming self-restricting beliefs and how to tackle the obstacles thrown at us by our competition and industry naysayers.


1. How to manage change, chaos & conflict productively

2. How to maintain morale and effectiveness in the work place

3. The Power of the three A’s

4. Turning Failures into opportunities to maximise well being & Success

5. How to stay focused on your job & organisation goals in period of change

Popular with: Annual Employee Conferences, Sales/Account Management Meetings.

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