Keynote Speaker

Leela is a Trilingual Worldwide Keynote Speaker; popular for conferences, events, webinars and virtual presentations who has the power to change minds and win hearts
Known for her determination and focus, Leela teaches how to build a resilient mind and overcome challenges through Growth Mindset.
She describes how to combat fear of failure and why hunger is always your most valuable asset regardless of your organisation or industry. 

Recent Keynotes

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  • From Illusion to Reality

  • Bullying and Harassment - The untold story

  • Stand up, step up and Speak up

  • Looking at another Culture in the eye


Dig Deep, dig deeper – A story of Resilience  


After surviving an Arctic expedition in -43 C, and winds of up to 80 KM per hour, sleeping in tents on ice with emergency help over 24hrs away, her whole outlook on life completely changed.

From that moment on, her mindset was transformed. This soul-searching journey led Leela to learn that Grit isn’t about getting an incredible dose of inspiration or courage.


It’s about building the daily habits that allow you to stick to a schedule and overcome challenges and distractions over and over again
Leela believes that we are all
unstoppable and anything can be achieved when you challenge yourself.


Bullying and Harassment - The untold story


Have you ever experienced that ‪Sunday night‬ feeling? ‬‬‬‬

The fear of going to sleep as the anxiety of the ‪Monday morning‬ kicks in.‬‬‬
When each day becomes a drag and your neck is on the line but you don't know why... 
When you are greeted by a frozen smile and there are no places to hide that’s when it is time.

Having worked in Multi- International corporates for over 20 years, Leela has experienced Bullying & Harassment in many ways, leaving her hurt, undervalued, betrayed, alone and sad. For many years she tended to park her feelings by fear to suffer again until she realised that the only way to overcome a situation is to lead by example.


Since, Leela has been talking about her “untold story” in order to empower all individuals out there to defeat their enemies by speaking up. 


The power of non-verbal communication


Although communication seems to be taken for granted most days, it is crucial to note that effective communication is vital at all times.


After finding herself stranded in the Arctic in temperatures down to -42 C and winds up to 80 km/ hour, making it almost impossible to speak with her teammates due to the rough and extreme conditions, putting them all at risk, Leela promised herself she will never see communication the same way ever again.


Her 20 years' experience working closely with 32 different nations, backgrounds and ethnicities, has enabled Leela to understand the cultural differences when communicating and offering her diversity & inclusion methodologies.  As well as strengthen skills building, she leads people to thrive in an environment where multiple cultures work together regularly.




Losing her birth mother and abandoned by her biological father at a young age, Leela was adopted from India, into a white Family who already had their own children. She was raised in France at a time when her cross-cultural background was very unusual. Despite growing up amidst racism and bullying, Leela refused to remain a victim.


Instead, she used grit and determination to defeat fear and mistrust.

As the next chapter of her story unfolds, Leela discovered that she had been conditioned into the white society, ignoring her culture and background for many years. That’s when she decided to travel back to the orphanage where she was raised to find her authentic self. 

Leela’s invaluable lessons and strategies will make you reflect on your own life experiences and ask yourself how you measure up.