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NOTE: We've crafted a very specific intro script for Leela's speeches. Please use the below instead of a bio to introduce her on stage.


After surviving an Arctic Expedition in minus 43 degrees as part of an initiative to challenge how people think about diversity and inclusion.

Our next speaker founded her own organization: Above & Beyond Resilience:

speaking on the topic of overcoming adversity.

She is now speaking to audiences about how they can overcome their own Arctic journey sharing strategic solutions to the practical challenges organizations face in implementing change to overcome adversity and go “above and beyond”.

And today she is going to be talking about … ( depending on the subject)

Please welcome on stage Arctic Survivor, Founder of Above & Beyond Resilience:


Leela Bassi 

leela bassi 6March2023-172-9858.jpg

Long Biography

leela bassi 6March2023-186-9899.jpg

Short Biography


What to know about the process, cancellation policy, changing the date of your event, or Leela stepping in at short notice if your speaker is ill or if you are a school or charity?

Pre-event Questionnaire

We will send you a link to an online form. This provides Leela with everything she needs to tailor her speech to your event. She also likes to follow this up with a phone call.

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