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Have you ever been hit with the ‘new year- new you’ syndrome?

You know, those New Year’s resolutions that you struggle to keep up with, past the 15th of that same month...

no matter how hard you have tried to make this new habit part of your daily routine, there has always been a “but, if, when, or so” to prevent you from succeeded.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were to succeed the one and only goal you have ever dreamt of?

How? you may ask ...

My friend Sally has the perfect answer…

It all started on Wednesday (note not a Monday) 13th September (note not a first of the month) 2017 although the majority of people fail to stick to their resolution, Sally was determined to reach her goal no matter what and lose weight by using these three techniques.

1. Motivation to keep going

Although Sally always had the motivation to lose weight and tried different type of diets over the years nothing really worked.

She had even considered the drastic surgery but decided against.

Her demanding job didn’t help in any way; she became stressed day after day. She fell into the work- eat- work roll and comfort eating took place.

Her weight escalated out of control. She hit a weight she would have never imagined.

Sally wanted to live a normal life: play with her children a lot more, sleep better at night, go for a long walk ...

The thought of looking for another job filled her with dread and self-doubt.

What if others judged her by her physical appearance?

It was time Sally remained focused and regain control of her own situation.

So, like an eagle targeting its prey, Sally started her journey of resilience and determination and became unstoppable!

2. Determination to reach her goal

No matter how hard it seemed Sally was determined to reach her goal, within two weeks she had lost a stone. Sally was delighted with her results which pushed her even further; there were so many stories out there of people succeeding in their quest why shouldn’t she?

A physical click inside her brain like a tiny bubble bursting brought her back to reality... a determination she had never felt before...

Sally urged herself and continued losing approximately 4lbs each week after 4 solid months Sally had lost 4.5 stones! She was so determined that no matter what others might think or say, whether it was positive or negative she wouldn’t hide away, she continues networking and have fun with her friends. She soon discovered that her dedication and perseverance enlarged her circle of friends even more.

“I am doing this and I am not going to fail,” she says.

3. Self- discipline to prove she could

As Charles F Glassman says it so well,

“Self-discipline is often disguised as short-term pain, which often leads to long-term gains.”

Sally knew right from the start it wasn’t going to be easy, this was probably her last chance to attain her objective. She needed to get into that mindset to succeed and wasn’t looking for instant gratitude. Every week she drove an hour away to reach her ‘counselling ‘meeting, this gave her precious time to reflect; has it been five minutes down the road she might have been tempted not to go. With the support of her husband and her family, Sally dedicated the entire evening to herself each week and never missed a single meeting.

Others find excuses to fail: a holiday, a wedding, felt ill. The embarrassment of telling people what they were doing...

Sally instead is loving her new challenge, she knows it is right for her and her friends and family have supported her choices along the way.

After 6 months of commitment and enthusiasm, Sally’s resolution paid off: she has now lost just over 6.5 stones, and this certainly proved that with motivation, determination and self-discipline you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Sally has become U-N-S-T-O-P-P-A-B-L-E

What about you what stops you to achieve your dream?

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