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As the month of January closed its doors, February is looking for some warmer weather & certainly less rain! I long for Spring to point the end of its nose, bright early mornings and longer days to enjoy, long walks with the family.

As I am sitting in the armchair near a roaring log fire, a cup of mint tea in my hand. Suddenly it occurs to me, that no matter who I meet, the past couple of months have been full of cold, flu, bronchitis, sleepless nights, low energy and crankiness.

For some, January & February are two months where they would rather hibernate, eat junk food and avoid any networking.

The truth of the matter is, this kind of behaviour doesn’t help us with getting rid of germs.

So, let’s go back to basics, and review the three main rules that bring us back to life!

1. Drink plenty of (hot) water:

We all know that water increases energy levels, relieves fatigue & boosts Immune system but drinking hot water cleanses, aids digestion, releases constipation and alleviates any pain.

2. Eat plenty of fruits & (green)vegetables:

Although vegetables and fruits are an important part of a healthy diet, green vegetables in particular, are packed with healthy nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, E and K (salad greens, kale & spinach) and many of the B complex vitamins are also found in broccoli, bok choy and mustard greens as well as fibre and calcium.

3. Go for an (outdoor) walk every day:

By building a regular outdoor stroll into your daily routine, it helps your heart as it gets the blood pumping without putting undue strain on the cardiovascular system. Walking improves your mood, as it helps to boost endorphins or “feel‐good” chemicals in the brain. It also boosts your immune system against infections.

I tend to know all these things already but every now and then I need to be reminded!

So, what’s on the menu for tomorrow?

A nice fresh minestrone, before heading out in the cold but sunny day, but don’t forget your bottle of water!

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