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The Unopened Present

William Arthur Ward said that “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present

and not giving it. “

As I was wrapping all the Christmas presents, I could picture the joy in my children’s’ eyes. A room filled with laughter and love.

How would you feel if you wrap a present for someone you love but were unable to give it?

Or how would you feel if you were to receive a present but were unable to open it?

A few months ago, as part of a family ritual, at dinner time my family and I, started to express 3 things we were grateful for. No matter how small that “something” is, as long as you are grateful for it. It counts!

My soon to be 12-year-old son was not so keen at first. But he is now the first one to raise his hand to be in pole position to give his gratitude list!

Researchers state that we are happier when we are more grateful, it was shown that when life is going well, gratitude allows us to celebrate and magnify the goodness, but what about when life does not go so well?

Over the years I have learned that life isn’t a straight path, there have been bumps, twists and turns; sometimes I had to make a u- turn, whilst other times I was soaring at high speed.

I have found that in the face of depression, gratefulness has brought the power to energise us.

In the face of loss & despair gratitude gives us the power to heal and hope.

Hence why counting our blessings helps tremendously, not only it boost our confidence and Self- Belief but it is something we can all share as a family.

It is vital for children to know how much we value what they have done in the day and what makes them proud. It builds trust in themselves, trust in each other and trust in all of us.

What about you? What present did you give or receive today?

How grateful do you feel today?

Do you find it difficult to find gratitude on a daily basis?

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