“What an incredibly moving keynote speech! Leela's story about her power3  was truly inspirational.
Thank you"
Emma Stephens,
GTM Execution Manager - BT
"We have received nothing more than overwhelming feedback about the event and will be following Leela's career with much interest.”
Lucy Baker,
Head of Customer Advocacy - EE
"Leela is a very passionate, inspiring, honest & approachable person. She values the quality of life and goes above the extra mile to help others through her incredible continuous mentoring, guidance, direction and motivation. I would highly recommend Leela, her motivational talks and 1-2-1 coaching sessions have been a life-changing experience for me."
H. Madhi,
Regulatory Compliance Management - Ipsen
“Leela was the perfect speaker for our International Women’s Day event 2018, the audience was captivated and mesmerized by her inspiring message which resonated with so many.”
Nikki Pierce
Senior Management Team, Thames Valley Police
"Leela led a talk for our Women in Finance event a few weeks ago on resilience. 
She was not only an exceedingly likeable person, putting everyone at ease and taking an interest in each client prior to the talk but delivered a well-orchestrated inspiring speech which we all came out of feeling revived and motivated. 
I would recommend Leela to anyone looking to incur motivation and positivity to their employees or clients."
Magali Neave, Account Manager - Intralinks
“I have received nothing but heartfelt and positive feedback about Leela’s talk, her message has certainly resonated with us all. Every audience she goes on to speak will feel richer & be inspired.”
Rachel Kennedy, Director - Olio Projects
"Leela makes for inspirational listening having lived the life that’s made her what she is – ‘motivated by early necessity, driven to succeed, now an extraordinary achiever."
David D'Alton, CEO - Dalton Kingswell
"Leela is an amazing person with an inspirational story. She lives by example and proves out that striving and determination can overcome significant obstacles."
David Wise, Director Channel Sales EMEA - Magento
“An inspiring talk about overcoming fears & self-limiting beliefs. I was left contemplating how we can push ourselves above & beyond what we believe we can achieve, if, we believe we can."
Sarah Siddle, Director - Robrook Press Ltd
"I was particularly interested in the 'Power of three' as my daughter has recently been having some self-worth issues. I was able to take what Leela had spoken about and realised that we have the power to change the way we feel."
Karen Clark, W.I. Morley
"Leela inspirationally addresses how life's challenges are won and lost in our minds, by providing a genius set of mental tools that can be applied immediately. She will holistically change the way you think forever!"
Khuram Rauf, Business Analyst - Iris​ Software
When Leela tells her story she brings it to life; you’re right there with her and are able to relate to her unique experiences.  She brings it all together with practical strategies for developing resilience and easy to remember tips to make those strategies accessible in the day to day life.  Leela is a highly recommended motivational speaker.
Sam Carlin, Head of Legal - Leaseplan UK
"A really inspirational keynote speech, It encourages you to have the determination and persistence in life to achieve your goals when faced with challenges."
Kanika Edwards, Manager - Bath Road Central
"An amazing & fantastic talk, which proves that anything can be achieved when you set your mind to it."  
Zoe Thompson - Refreshed Minds
"Loved Leela's talk, she shared a story that everyone loved.
A truly inspiring keynote speaker."
Shanda Wright, Director - Chocolate Beauty Spa

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