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If like me, you have struggled with FEAR and you know it is holding you back from achieving all your goals and dreams then it's time to take action!

You know you have what it takes to unleash your true potential, but FEAR is getting in the way of your greatness.  You may already have the skills, knowledge and tools needed to be super SUCCESSFUL but you can’t seem to get this FEAR crisis under control.


In this comprehensive e-book you will learn some of the techniques and strategies I used to transform my life and OVERCOME my fears.

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Hi, I'm Leela!

I am a Global Keynote Speaker, a Transformational Coach, a
motivational mumpreneur, and a runner.
After graduating, I moved to the UK where I met my husband who is Italian, we have two children who are both trilingual which makes us completely international😊


After surviving an Arctic expedition, my whole outlook on life completely changed.
From that moment on, my mindset was transformed, I overcame several of my fears and I began to believe in myself all over again.
I left my corporate career in order to fulfill my vision of inspiring and empowering others.

This soul-searching journey led me to develop my own motivational speaking career which brings me to where I am today. I believe that we are all unstoppable and if we set our mind to it we can achieve anything in life.


Over the years I have gained invaluable coaching, mentoring, & leadership skills from successful entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe. As an ambassador for Toastmasters International, I’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with
Worldwide Champions, lead individuals to nurture themselves, gain confidence & growth as well as overcome their fears.


In addition to countless renowned highly paid speakers and life coaches, I also had the opportunity of learning from the one and only Philanthropist, Tony Robbins on how to ‘Unleash The Power Within’ by walking on hot coals and turning fear into power.


I say to you confidently that I am 100% here to help you reach deep within to find your inner resilience, break free from those self-limiting beliefs, break down those barriers enabling you to bring out all the skills and attributes you already have.


I only ever want the best for my clients, and as we work closely together we will create a special and unique bond that will transform your life.

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