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Finding Motivation During (semi) Lockdown

In this period of uncertainty, I would like to share a message of hope with the rest of the world. As a Keynote Speaker & Coach on Resilience & Self- Belief, I am disheartened to see that some close friends and colleagues are allowing the newest ‘C' word to eat away at them. Of course, it's a serious pandemic, and of course we can't ignore it, but what we focus on is what we get! so why not choose to be positive? it is beneficial for us physically, mentally and spiritually too! our choices will greatly affect those around us. When 'C' has drifted away and life resumes to normality, I can only wish for us all to declare how grateful we are, and how this has strengthened our relationships.

Panic buying “just because…”

I feel the world has gone completely bonkers! I see extreme Fear & uttermost altruism in the eyes of others. Although panic has risen on many levels, does stock buying going to change the situation we are in?

Your food cupboard might be full but what’s the point if your heart is empty?

Perhaps this will make you appreciate every single thing you eat and have less wastage!

(As far as I know to this day, I still have not managed to get any flour or eggs ☹)

If we are not careful the whole crisis will create more hatred and selfishness amongst us increasing worry for the elderlies. As insecurity settle in our daily lives we should learn to live in a world of love, kindness and patience. Instead shops are using this time to increase prices! It is affecting everyone’s mental health and setting a bad example for our future generation. What kind of role model are we for our kids? Can’t our children watch how to grow through problems instead? It is time to learn to work together, spend time with our loved ones and help the communities we live in. I cannot thank enough the NHS for their medical staff, nurses, doctors and specialists who have continued to supply a fantastic service that always goes the extra mile.

Thankfully over the last couple of weeks I have seen & read about more people willing to help out others, by picking up groceries for self- isolated cases & reassuring them in many ways.

Remote working, way to go?

Although these are truly unprecedented times filled with uncertainty & anxiety I am confident there will also be a lot of positives outcomes in the near future. For instance, I was reading that if a typical business allowed employees to work from home just half the time, they would save, on average, £10,000 per year. ... Home workers reported 25% lower stress levels, 73% said they ate healthier working from home, 76% were more loyal to their company and 80% reported a better work-life balance. If as a general rule, employees could work from home once a week (any day not just Friday or Monday!) it would increase productivity and decrease stress a long way.

Having said that, not everyone have the possibility to work from home, some people will be furloughed and in other cases many people will lose their job. So right now, I feel rather grateful to be a home worker, I am used to do online work with my clients, hence when the major crisis occurred, it was just another day “at the office” for me. As remote working has now become the new norm for companies and individuals, by moving indoors and meeting with the virtual world it enables us to share tips and advice on how to set up platforms and acquire life skills experience keeping us growing forward and collaborating with one another.

Another positive: have an extra 30 minutes sleep in the morning, enjoy breakfast with the family, no rush out of the door and stay stuck in the traffic and simply take more time to care about those we truly love. I must say that I also love to take a long walk to reconnect. Nature has the most single organic calming effect on anything I do. But once again not everyone has this chance, currently in France they have been restricted to walk up to 1 km away from their houses! As for Italy, they have been limited to 200 m from home, Dad was telling me yesterday that the queue at the grocery story has now doubled as everyone needs to have their temperature taken before they go inside and asked to wear gloves!

Distance Learning plans & support

Last Friday my children finished school, both excited and sad at once. The price needs to be paid, no more school but no friends either ☹ The playground was filled with talks on cancelled trips, summer vacations postponed, no stress over exams, or graduation. I could see my 10 years with teary eyes asking her BFF “is it really the last time I am seeing you until September?”

Thanks to new technology, (and the arduous work of teachers) by the following Monday all the materials was ready to be used and distance learning took place, from Google Classroom where all the tasks were set for each subject to Manage Bac where the kids could continue their timetable and face a different teacher each hour.

What I love most of all is the fact that they can still see their friends via zoom and have virtual chats at break time to boost them a little. Last week the girls “got together” to follow one of Jo Wicks’ PE session, Jo promotes a daily healthy on-line learning and exercise and I have a personal need to practice the healthy habits that I am advocating so supported them with it.

Wellbeing & Mindfulness

I cannot stress enough the importance of staying active and identifying personal goals for fitness or wellbeing activities as those will contribute towards a more pleasant home environment. Looking after ourselves and each other will be a big part of the learning. I must admit that since this lockdown has occurred I have been exercising even more than I usually do and insisted for the rest of the family to do the same.

Now we have more time in our hands, let’s take time to rediscover ourselves. Upon my return from India last April, I have been practising yoga on a daily basis and been meditating for about 6 months. I find the experience exhilarating. Being able to stay focused on my breathing and let my mind do its thing is pretty powerful. The one skill where I do not have to strive to achieve anything! Just a place of stillness where no effort is required. Who wouldn’t want to try it!

Life is evolving at fast pace, but we will get through this no matter what.

I personally find that how we respond to the new “C” word determines our outcomes.

So, let’s try to remain calm, measured & rationale in our approach to everything that is happening around us. It is the only way through.

Let's come together as individuals.

Stay positive and mindful at this time.


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