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The Web Master

I find that spiders are truly fascinating creatures. If you think about the amount of hard work they put into creating their web (a true masterpiece if you ask me!) only for someone to walk through and destroy their labour.... but watch how they react ...

what they do next is remarkable... They don’t sulk, they don’t give up and stop spinning webs. They just start spinning again.

What about you? When your dreams hit rock bottom do you sulk? When you face rejection, do you give up?

Here are a few tips on how to rise up to challenges

1. Believe in Yourself

What if I believed I could do anything and succeed at it? What would I do, if I knew I could not fail? How big would I plan? Just like Incy Wincy spider, we all have a choice on how to respond to each situation that arises, and take ownership of our life. Incy knows she is capable of spinning. In the same way, if we believe in our dream today, we are guaranteed we can accomplish it.

2. Persevere with your goal

There will always be tough times: knock downs & setbacks ; you keep knocking on doors, but rejections face you day after day. Fears set in and you feel discouraged, deflated and want to take a break; but this is when you need to get back up and push harder. Just like Incy, its cobweb might get blown away at any moment of the day or night, it doesn’t give up it will continue to build and start over again and again. Let’s pursue our goal until the end.

3. Be focused and hardworking

In life you will meet people who will try to shatter your dreams, and try to bring you down; hence why it is vital to stay focused. How long does Incy spend in spinning its cobwebs? It doesn’t let room for distraction it keeps focusing until it has created its masterpiece. So let’s remember that when someone tries to get in the way of achieving our goals, let’s focus our energy on our dreams and not on those who try to hinder it.

Building a dream isn’t an overnight job, it takes resilience, perseverance and dedication just like Incy.

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