Digital Facilitator

Is your Team now working remotely?

Keep it connected by booking a virtual group session with Leela and empower them

Leela is a motivational and  inspirational speaker who has the power to keep her audience hooked from start to finish. She is guaranteed to invoke tears of laughter, joy and empathy at live events or virtually through video conferences & live streaming events.


In light of the current Coronavirus Pandemic, the world has been plunged into uncertainty with thousands of events having to be cancelled across the globe.

As online streaming platforms continue to grow in popularity, it is more important than ever for businesses to stay connected with their working culture. Leela can now stream many of her leading inspirational keynotes speeches, webinars & interactive training sessions directly to your team whether in the office or remotely. This provides the ability to continue to show commitment to your employees and retain positivity and focus.

All are available as 30- 90-minute sessions that can be specifically tailored to your business context.

Her expertise is founded on a successful career in Account Management with some of the top global companies worldwide.