Do you want to empower your people to succeed in the face of challenge?
Do you want to help your company thrive during uncertainty?
Leela inspires businesses with award-winning keynote speeches that motivate and transform mindsets to a ‘can-do' attitude.


Based in the UK, Leela provides insight through Keynote talks breaking down barriers and enabling you to transform your life- Leela specialises in:

  • Developing Grit/Growth Mindset

  • Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Mindfulness

  • Workplace Bullying & Harassment

In April 2015, Leela was part of an all-female team who successfully undertook a 100km ski trek in -42ºC across Baffin Island in the Arctic circle as part of an initiative to challenge how people think about diversity and inclusion.  The expedition highlighted how much you can achieve when you push beyond your limits.

Bespoke Programme

Leela creates Speeches and Courses suited to your Company’s needs 

Leela provides tailor-made sessions which focus on:

  • Cultivate Resilience whilst overcoming self-restricting beliefs 

  • Effective Cross-Cultural Communication 

  • How to communicate clearly & effectively in the workplace

  • Maintain a culture of trust & respect whilst taking Action & practice allyship. 


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"An incredibly moving keynote speech! Leela was truly inspirational. We have received nothing more than overwhelming feedback about the event, her message has certainly resonated with us all. Every audience she goes on to speak will feel richer and inspired."


"Leela has held inspirational talks for Intralinks all around Europe, assisted in the production of a three-part webinar series we hosted during the pandemic and written countless blog articles for our insights page. Leela's speeches have always left our clients feeling motivated, with actionable insights that they can implement in their own personal and professional lives. I would highly recommend Leela to anyone who is looking for a collaborative partner to provide motivation, inspiration, empowerment and positivity to their audience."

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Melanie Howells

Director, Field Marketing



“A truly thought provoking and engaging talk that certainly aroused interest in those attending and got people talking how they as an individual deal with difficult situations.
Leela is an amazing person with an inspirational story. She lives by example and proves out that striving and determination can overcome significant obstacles."

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“When Leela tells her story, she brings it to life; you’re right there with her and are able to relate to her unique experiences.  She brings it all together with practical strategies for developing resilience and easy to remember tips to make those strategies accessible in the day to day life.  Leela is a highly recommended Keynote Speaker.”

David Wise


Director, Global Channels & Alliances

Sam Carlin

Head of Legal


LeasePlan UK

Fuse Universal

Lucy Baker

Head of Customer Advocacy



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