Based in UK, Leela provides insight through Motivational Talks breaking down barriers that will enable you to dig deeper to find your inner resilience and to transform your life.

A member of an all-female team who undertook a 100 km ski-trek in -42°C in the Arctic Circle with winds of up to 80 KM per hour, sleeping in tents on the ice with emergency help over 24 hrs away.

Leela provides tailor-made workshops which explore the challenge of overcoming self-restricting beliefs, combating the fear of failure and low self-esteem.



“What an incredibly moving keynote speech! Leela's story about her power3  was truly inspirational.

Thank you"

"We have received nothing more than overwhelming feedback about the event and will be following Leela's career with much interest.”

"Leela values the quality of life and goes above the extra mile to help others through her incredible continuous mentoring, guidance, direction and motivation. I would highly recommend Leela, her motivational talks and 1-2-1 coaching sessions have been a life-changing experience for me."


“Leela was the perfect speaker for our International Women’s Day event 2018, the audience was captivated and mesmerized by her inspiring message which resonated with so many.”

L. Baker,
Head of Customer Advocacy

Nikki Pierce
Senior Management Team

H. Madhi,
Regulatory Compliance


E. Stephens,
GTM Execution Manager



Women in Leadership


Women in Finance


Women in Sales


Women Empowerment Summit

Following my recent trip to India I’ve been collaborating with PeopleMatters.In, a leading national magazine in the human resource industry.

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